unfortunately, due to the terrible state of the current economy and the fact that everyone is POOR, nobody is looking to build five star hotels and resorts right now.  probably because nobody can afford to GO to one.  therefore, jonathan and i will look like this very soon, as we head to the airport for our final departure from dxb:


good news is: i get a chance to appreciate all of those things on my list a lot sooner than expected.  bad news is: i am looking for anyone with any design job leads.  let me know if you are that someone.

see you all soon!



imagine this: you get the munchies, grab a bag of potato chips, and reach in for a big handful.  but you dont come out with chips.  what do you come out with?

click here

okay, now imagine this.  you go fishing and oops!, you drop your cell phone in the water.  (i’m sure my dad can relate).  well, a week later, you go fishing again (without cell phone in tow this time, since you have learned your lesson), and catch a big one!  as you are preparing your feast, what do you find?!  of course…

now click here

people amaze me.


this is an article from the gulf news regarding an upcoming holiday that was declared last week.  all holidays here are declared within days of the actual holiday (which makes a lot of sense, right?)  and then a lot of them are changed…

not to mention that no one has the same weekend as someone else.  i just wanted everyone to get a good idea of how ridiculously disorganized and idiotic this place is.

i just wanted to drop this little image that i just found on my computer.  yes, that would be snow predicted for atlanta, with a high of 100 for dubai.  amazing.  yes, this is our winter too.

[weather | 02.28.09]

i just wanted to let you all know that i have made a lot of changes to my photo gallery site, and have added quite a few new photos.  if you have a minute, check it out here.

i don’t really understand valentine’s day.  it is a day in which you are supposed to be romantic… but… what if we don’t want to be?  what if it is a terrible day and you don’t like anyone that day?  what if it is a normal day?  who is to say you are supposed to be nicer and more romantic that specific day than any other?

that being said, here is my contribution to v-day.  it’s all mushy.  it’s as mushy as i’m going to get.  enjoy.

[vday love | around the world]

each one of these pictures was taken in a different place in the world, including berlin, california, cologne, cyprus, paris, helsinki, india, london, mexico, naples, nyc, russia, tokyo, and tuscon between the years 1955 and 2001.  cute, huh?

okay, thats it.  no more mushy for the next 364 days.


the other day, jonathan and i took erin from hba atlanta around to a few pretty nice hotels in dubai.   i just wanted to drop a few of the pictures here for everyone to see.


Park Hyatt Dubai

Raffles Dubai

The Address Hotel 


i just wanted to take a minute to share the current weather in dubai.

dubai + 02.11.09

yes.  february 11.  4 in the afternoon.  90 degrees.  feels like georgia. 🙂

saturday jonathan, craig, and i went into the desert… just to drive around and spend a day somewhere besides our apartments.  here are some pictures from the little adventure.


this is the view of the city from a road a little ways into the desert.  we went way further than this.






jonathan and craig decided it would be fun to roll down this dune.  this was before they got stuck waist deep in sand.  and ate some.



these are some random camels in the middle of the desert.  but look at the picture above this one.  you were warned. 


this is a little “town” in the desert.  there were 3 “houses” and a mosque.  thats it.  not quite sure where they get their food from… 


more adventures later.  a where’s waldo soon.  see ya!




i almost forgot to tell you about our lovely monday evening!

so jonathan and i have been working from different offices. yes, that’s annoying when we share one car, and we are 30 minutes apart. so i have to wait around for him to come pick me up from the office when he drives the car to work. well monday evening, he left work around 6:15, like usual, but when he got to the car, it was in a row of 5 or 6 cars that were completely covered in little black polka-dots. tar polka-dots. on a white car.


he was parked in front of a construction site, (which in dubai, is almost completely un-avoidable), and wasn’t the only person standing at their car admiring their new paint job. i’m sure the guy with the brand new porche was thrilled. i mean, who doesn’t want a polka-dotted car? nobody more than jonathan i’m sure. well, maybe the porche guy.


so they find the construction site manager and ask him about the tar. his response was, and no, i’m not kidding, “that was last shift. that manager left 30 minutes ago.” and he leaves.


yep. that’s it. he leaves.


jonathan and i proceeded to spend the rest of our night driving all over the city to find a car wash that can get tar off of our entire car. guess what? we found one. they washed the car in GASOLINE.


three hours later we were home with a sparkly new car that reeked of gasoline and made you high just from getting within 50 feet of it. but it was white again.


so i ask you, what is the cost of living in a city full of morons? apparently, this week at least, its 150 dirham and three hours of our night. fun stuff, right there.


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