.i like food. a lot.

.i like cooking food. a lot.

.i love my sweet tea. i will always have some with me.

.lots of sweet tea + tiffany = one really good time.

.i am short, and i will always be that way.

.i live in dubai. thats in the middle east.

.i think i might be crazy for it.

.i have learned a new appreciation for all things american.

.i might live in the big city, but i’m stil a country girl at heart.

.i do love fishing, four-wheelers, and sitting on the porch talking for hours.

.i like things a particular way. my way. some people call me OCD. get over it.

.i love my max.

.i love my shoes.

.i love my bags.

.i love my macbook.

.i am obsessed with the food network.

.i watch friends, sex and the city, and will & grace reruns like every day.

.i am a designer of hotels, resorts, and spas . (the nice kind).

.i love design. i will talk design for hours.

.do not talk to me about hgtv. it insults me and my work.

.trading spaces is even worse.

.if you want to know anything else, just ask.