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seems my blog is becoming the place to find the most ridiculous things you have ever heard.  check these out… the most ridiculous law suits ever filed.  and pay special attention to #15.  it’s my favorite.


does this mean that bloomingdale is actually posh and vintage?

i made a little collage of pretty dubai pictures.  and now i’m posting for you to see.  🙂


this is the weather forecast for the next few days… just when i wanted to go to the pool over the weekend!  rain?? for 6 days straight?   i can’t say i don’t miss it – because i do.  i just wish i could go to the pool (or beach)!  btw – 101 degrees today – completely normal.  it is march, after all.


so a few weeks ago i had a theme of cell phone news stories going.  looks like now it’s dog-walking or alien/strange creature news stories.  see strange story #4.

i can’t believe i forgot to post this video… i laugh just thinking about it.  only in alabama…

another one for the road.

i’m not quite sure how i keep finding these stories…  click here.

also, just so you all know, and since it makes me feel better, i want to tell you all that i think i broke my finger.  it hurts.


except for at the end of lent, they aren’t going to resume.  😦

the truth.

i found this article on cnn about a possible city in the future – floating in the ocean.  and it’s re-arrangeable?   talk about innovative…

click here to read the article…

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