i don’t really understand valentine’s day.  it is a day in which you are supposed to be romantic… but… what if we don’t want to be?  what if it is a terrible day and you don’t like anyone that day?  what if it is a normal day?  who is to say you are supposed to be nicer and more romantic that specific day than any other?

that being said, here is my contribution to v-day.  it’s all mushy.  it’s as mushy as i’m going to get.  enjoy.

[vday love | around the world]

each one of these pictures was taken in a different place in the world, including berlin, california, cologne, cyprus, paris, helsinki, india, london, mexico, naples, nyc, russia, tokyo, and tuscon between the years 1955 and 2001.  cute, huh?

okay, thats it.  no more mushy for the next 364 days.