welcome to episode #2 of where’s waldo.  


this one is a little hard to see, the the orange thing in the left center of the picture is a emergency flotation device.  it is attached to a “no swimming or diving” sign, located directly next to a WATER FEATURE.  like 6 inches deep.  no lie.

sorry for inconvenient

this is the sign i promised last time.  “sorry for inconvenient”.  nice.  it is pretty much indicative of signs across all of dubai.  i think they just use a computer translator and don’t think twice about checking the grammar.  

street sweeper

here is the dubai government at its finest.  this is 9 am in downtown dubai, riding down the road.  this is a street sweeper that is not only running in the middle of morning rush hour, but also running a red light and making more of a mess than was there before.  after all, without people hired to make messes and cause traffic jams, where would the jobs to clean up and correct traffic come from?

here is half of a very informative sign across sheikh zayed road.  yes, half.


tune in next time, folks, for another entertaining episode of where’s waldo!