on our way home today from work, i decided how i was going to make it through the next 8 months.  i am going to play a constant game of “where’s waldo” for idiotic ideas and the genius creations that make dubai the great city that it is.   i notice stupid things here every single day, so i figured, “why not snap a picture and see how many i can get?”.  morons are everywhere, its true, but there are enough here that i must pay them respect with a special section on my blog.  not to mention it’s slightly entertaining.  so here’s entry #1.

this was the truck that made me decide to play this little game.  we were riding down the road, and i noticed this truck, and said, “why is there a little chinese girl hugging a 100 lb. arabic water jug like a pillow?”  then i decided i needed my camera.  forgive the blurriness – we were going 100 km/h.  


this is the extremely safe pile of wires that is sitting in our apartment parking garage right beside the elevator entrance.  

img_0211snow – any good designer (or bad designer, or non-designer, or joe schmoe) could tell you that it is not typical (for a few reasons i’m sure) to attach a tile to a wall by screws.  yes, this is the tile on the walls in the hallway of our buidling.  and not all of them are attached this way.  only the “special” ones.

the following photos do not fall into today’s where’s waldo theme.  they are just pictures of dubai:

img_0200sthis is the real dubai, including the part of the picture that is never included when you see the glamorous pictures advertising the place.  that would be cranes.

img_0206sthis one is a little prettier.  this is our building.  in the far background, you can see jumeirah lake towers, and just on the other side of those towers is the beach.  walking distance, if i wasn’t a lazy sack of crap.


i would say that i have sufficiently met my goal of stupid sites for today.  i have a real doozie of a sign that i have my eye on for the next episode of “where’s waldo”.  be sure to tune in!