i think last weekend was one of the most exhausting weekends of my entire life.  i am still trying to recover.  we spent thanksgiving on the beach.  and then went out for sushi.  tiff rode a camel on the beach.  we went to dubai mall, which is the biggest place on the face of the planet and never go there without rollerblades on your feet.  or a wheelchair.  we went parasailing over the palm jumeirah.  went to the outlet mall in the middle of the desert.  went out.  went out again.  went out again.  ate.  ate some more.  ate some more.  saw santa on the beach with a camel.  saw a camel dressed like santa.  saw some star wars-like creatures riding the camel with santa.  watched the sun set.  went to the beach some more.  got beat up by the waves.  watched it rain more in 4 days than it will the rest of the time we live here.  almost died in a hurricane.  learned british.  shopped some more.  bought nothing.  took pictures.  and more.

here are a few pictures from the strangest thanksgiving weekend ever.  for all of them, go to http://kscook.shutterfly.com.  always go there for all of our pictures.



random camel on the beach…


…and tiff was determined to go for a ride.  ew.


a night out at buddha bar


and another night at the souk.


the aquarium at the dubai mall


yet another night out on the town.


and santa claus is on the beach.


with his santa camel.  maybe they replace reindeer here?


parasailing, the day after we saw santa claus.