today, i thought i might die.  i mean, don’t get me wrong, every day when i get in a car here, i think i might die.  EVERY TIME.  (these people are the WORST drivers i have ever seen in my entire life.  no lie.)  but today, i was not in a car, and i thought i might die.

let me preface this with a story about the first week we were in our apartment here.  i went to brush my teeth one morning, and a steady stream of water came out of the ceiling and hit me straight in the head.  we looked up, and it was coming from the light directly above the sink.  the bathroom has a dropped acoustical tile ceiling, so we climbed up on the counter (putting our lives on the line for the first time), and pulled down the tile that was leaking.  the second we moved the tile, a whole WAVE of water came crashing down, along with little pieces of concrete from the ceiling.  not a good thing.  it was the water heater that is in the ceiling that was leaking, and it was another 2 weeks before we got it fixed.  another month later, the light began to work again.

scary, i know.  but we survived.

last week, we were all working in the al quoz office, which if you have read my blog on the rain, you might have come to realize isn’t the most beautiful or even functional of offices.  we don’t even have hot water.  and the toilet flushes only when it wants to.  so we are sitting at our desks working, when one of the lights up above begins to drip water.  less than 5 minutes later, the entire row of lights went out.  therefore, since last week, i have been working in the dark.

well today, we were sitting and working again, and all of the sudden the light starts pouring water!  the the light next to it started to drip.  soon enough they were both pouring a constant stream of water, and a crack started to form between them.  (we are standing right under them, mind you.)  within seconds, before our eyes, the crack starting growing, and more water started to come out.  everyone in the office was up looking at the ceiling, and we ALL were waiting for it to fall in.  all i could think about was how much water was in our bathroom ceiling when we moved the tile.  soon after, our boss got to the office, and decided it was best if we all went home.  her exact words were “we don’t have life insurance!  go home, and if you stay, i am NOT responsible.”  we were all waiting for a collapsed ceiling, an electrical fire, a sudden flood…  in dubai, you never know.

keep in mind that if this were america, i would not for one second worry that something might happen.  it would be a leak.  big deal.  somebody will fix it.  but here in dubai… the worst case scenario is ALWAYS a possibility, and in most cases, is the most probable possibility.  

we all just take this as a sign that we need a new office.  now.  not in 3 months.  not in 6 months.  now.

here are a few pictures i got of the wonderful place we call work.  btw… the last picture is of the computer that jonathan works on every day.  it broke today, right before the leak issue.  like gone.  won’t turn on.  surprised?  i  wasn’t.  and people don’t understand why i like to bring my own laptop?



part of the ceiling.  its hard to see how bad the crack is.


just in case the ceiling DOES fall in, we have prepared.  (yeah, right.)


this has been our solution for the past week.  now we leave.


jonathan’s computer.  yes, that’s eggshell.  circa 1982.