so right before the ceiling almost caved in (as posted in the last blog), we were all standing around a computer watching this video.  this is the grand opening of the atlantis dubai, and i am PISSED that i wasn’t there to see it.  it was this past friday night, even though the hotel actually opened on september 24.  this was the weekend that all of the celebrities came.  this is the world’s biggest ever fireworks display, and is rumored to cost near $80 million for the party alone.  the hotel cost $1.5 billion.  

to fully understand the magnitude of this party… you have to realize that the palm is a LOT bigger than you think it is.  it is 5 km by 5km, or a little over 3 miles in length and width, and has a total shoreline of over 43 km, or almost 27 miles.  the fireworks show was 40 minutes long.  it was visible from space.  needless to say, this is a LOT of fireworks.  

it makes me wonder if we completely MISSED the sound of it.  surely we could hear it from home, and that’s where we were.  i am sooooo mad i didn’t know ahead of time – we would have went to the beach to watch! UGH!!