i have just now come to terms with admitting to myself that i am SERIOUSLY behind in my christmas shopping.  my intentions were to be completely done christmas shopping this weekend, since tiffany is coming this week, and we leave 4 days after she goes home.  i figured that the majority of the gifts that we give should be from dubai, seeing that we probably will never have another chance to get christmas gifts from here, or anywhere else for that matter.  well…. I HAVE NOT EVEN BOUGHT ONE SINGLE GIFT!  and on top of that, i haven’t even thought about what i am going to buy!  and tiffany arrives in 4 days, and i will not be spending all of our time christmas shopping.  so basically, i’m screwed.  looks like all of you people’s gifts are coming from good ol’ target.  (which, btw, is where i’ll be spending my days in the states.  the nights will be at a mexican restaurant with some good margaritas.)

target and margaritas… god bless america.