this morning, as we drove into the dirt-pit that is al quoz and the make-shift hba office for overflow people, we noticed that there was water – everywhere.  the dirt was slushy mud, the road was flooded, everywhere.  we got inside of the office, and the power was out.  it looked like a monsoon had hit, but there was nothing wet when we left home.  apparently, little did we know, last night it rained about 6 drops in al quoz. (yes, drops.  not inches.)  

well, dubai is not equipped with drainage, so those 6 drops flooded everything they touched.  [i have been told that 2 and a half years ago, it rained for an entire day, and the whole city flooded completely and people were getting out of their cars and swimming down sheikh zayed road. (that would be dubai’s 75.)]

well as we were in the middle of a presentation, we heard something hitting the roof of the warehouse, and people started jumping up and running across the office.  it was RAINING!  right there in front of us!  RAIN!  i have not seen rain since we left atlanta, in the middle of august, and in my dreams.  people literally were watching the rain POUR down, and the sun was shining so much that we needed sunglasses.  that lasted all of 3.5 minutes.  then we went back to normality – with a few extra swimming pools outside.

i didnt get any pictures of the water, but i will try tomorrow.  ive been told that it will be there until it is completely evaporated by the sun – at least a few days.

also, we are going through a REALLY cold front right now.  tuesday it is only supposed to get up to 78 degrees.  by the end of the week, we will be back to normal, at 86-88 degrees all of the time.

its amazing how much watching rain means to you once you forget what it looks like.