i realize it has been a few minutes… or maybe 20 days… since i’ve written anything.  sorry.  we’ve just been so busy.  and when we aren’t busy, i’m avoiding writing because if i write to complain about things, i might convince myself that we should move home.  so today is just a general synopsis of the past 20 days.


right after the last entry, we had a little lock issue with our apartment door.  we came home from work one day, and the lock was broken.  just broken.  as in, we could not get in our apartment.  so we got the security people to come look at it, and they didn’t know what to do.  and maintenance had left 30 minutes prior.  and there is NO 24 hour maintenance.  therefore, not one single person cared that we were locked out of our apartment.  we were LIVID!!  the security people were helpful enough to give us phone numbers for locksmiths (can you sense my sarcasm??) and after calling about 10 of them, we found one willing to come to the apartment and fix the door.  we arrived to find the broken door at 6:20pm, and stepped foot into our apartment at 10:00 pm.  400 dirham and all of our sanity later, we were home. 


the weekend before last we went out with a girl from work and her friends to 360, this really cool bar in the middle of the ocean.  it has perfect views of the burj al arab, the burj dubai, the jumeirah beach hotel, and the atlantis.  it was a pretty cool place.  it was literally a restaurant and bar at the end of a really long pier in the ocean.


saturday we went to the beach in perfect weather, and got the car stuck in the sand.  here, when you park at the beach, you can drive your car out to wherever you want on the beach.  some people with big SUVs drive all the way out, but us people with little cars park at the back of the beach.  well i was attempting to park with the rest of the little cars, but was on the end of the line, where there was apparently too much sand for a car.  needless to say, 10 minutes later we were being pulled across the beach by a backhoe and a piece of rope.


the beach was nice and the water was perfect, and everything was even nicer when i realized that meanwhile all of my loved ones were sitting at home freezing in the rain.  🙂  so there.


its been so long since i’ve writing anything that i don’t remember a lot of what has happened, so ill just post some pictures of the bar and the beach and be done with it.  and i will write more often for those of you who care…. i promise. 




– our view of jumeirah beach hotel from the bar – 


a spectacular view of the burj al arab from the bar!




view of 360º from the hotel.  

this was a very long walk down the pier!


ahh… the beach in october.


sitting on the beach in front of jbr


too many people!


a pretty sailboat and the view of the new atlantis!


…i’m pretending i’m in paradise…


there was a rockin’ party on this yacht, and i wanted to be on it!