this is going to be another one of those random posts.  its 11:30 and im ready for bed.


we just got done with a four-day weekend to celebrate the end of ramadan.  the long weekend was nice, along with the fact that ramadan is over.  but now we have to work until 6.  bummer.


last thursday, jonathan and i were going to see the batman movie at the “cinema” at the mall of the emirates (yes, im british now.), and before the movie, we decided to run into the home centre to get a tri-fold screen for the door in the bedroom (which is STILL not covered, showing all of our business to the south side of dubai…).  well, while jonathan was looking for a screen, i was walking around the kitchen section, and randomly ran across a mini de-humidifier for 200 AED.  very nice, seeing that we have been looking for one for the bedroom so that we can sleep without feeling like we are swimming in the ocean, and couldn’t find any for less than 600 AED.  so i got a little excited, and grabbed it to go.  well, while looking for jonathan in the store, i caught view of some really cheap baskets for the junk under the tv, and while i was skipping across the store to get them, i almost tripped over a knife set, which i had also been looking for.  oh yeah, and right next to the baskets was an entire SHELF of spice containers.  this would be much more amazing to you if you knew what we had to work with over here.  there’s no walmart.  there’s no container store.  there’s no kitchen stores. there SURELY isn’t any target (otherwise i would be a much happier camper…)  therefore, this was turning into a day i didn’t hate so much.  so i have my hands full of all of this crap, running around this ridiculously humongous store trying to find jonathan, when i hear it.  the completion of my day.  apple bottom jeans came on the loud-speaker.  the AIR-GUITAR REMIX!  i have never heard anything like it in my life.

i knew right then that my day was complete.  i was dodging black blobby figures (those would be women) in home centre with my hands full of useless crap listening to the air guitar version of apple bottom jeans.  how is that for a night out?

so after we loaded all of our crap into the car (except for the screen that we went for… they were “out of stock”, and it just happened to be the ONE item in the store that they can’t sell the floor model of, and the next shipment doesn’t come until the 12th… typical.) and headed to the cinema.  THATS WHEN MY NIGHT GOT BETTER.  not ONLY did they have a frozen coke machine (nice when all you usually get is watered down flat pepsi with no ice), but you could get the super-size frozen coke with the “popcorn combo”, which usually wouldn’t interest me, but here – they have the best caramel corn i have ever had in my entire life.  i definitely had an entire combo to myself.  it was AMAZING.  and only 22 AED.  in the states, that would be 22 DOLLARS.  here – $5.98.  even more amazing.

we went to the 11:30 showing of the movie, since the other option was 6pm, so the movie got out at 2am.  keep in mind, we are in the mall.  so we are walking through the closed mall following all of the people that were in the movie with us to the garage where our car was.  it was really erie, with the mall completely closed and all.  it TOTALLY reminded me of an episode of “are you afraid of the dark”.  when all of the mannequins come alive at night and battle each other in the mall.  like my active imagination?

i mentioned earlier that i was dodging black blobs in the mall – well now that ramadan is over with, there are probably three times as many arabic people in traditional dress in the mall.  i don’t know if it is because they are allowed to have fun now, or what, but they are EVERYWHERE.  and it is much more common to see them with the face fully covered, or with the covering with the eye slits.  i don’t know how they tell each other apart!  i would totally walk up to the wrong group of women thinking they were my friends if i were them!

oh, and jonathan and i are technological geniuses.  he was sitting on the crapper the other day, and started yelling across the apartment about some tv box thing.  well, it is slingbox, and it is something that we hook up to tv in the states (our parents house), and we can watch whatever is playing on tv there over the internet, and subsequently, our tv.  so we can have tivo again!!  and watch american tv!!!  YAY YAY YAY!!  

so my project at work is the “kingdom of sheba”, and is themed on yemen.  the country.  there was a presentation yesterday, and the clients said that they wanted something more traditional, and they wanted people to come to this resort, and say “yemen!”… so they think a few of the designers should go to yemen for inspiration.  i don’t know if this is going to happen or not, but if it does, i have a feeling that its going to be a fight over who “has” to go, as opposed to who “gets” to go, like usual.  don’t get me wrong, i think it would be an amazing place to see, and one that hardly anyone that i would ever meet could say that they’ve seen, but it’s a little intimidating!  (they like guns there… a lot.)  i heard something before about getting the sheik’s security to go with us/them.  that would be slightly more comforting…  🙂

speaking of yemen, i spent my entire day at work today researching it.  here’s some random facts:


  • yemeni women have the highest birth rate in the world.  the average is SEVEN children per woman.
  • iranians speak persian, not arabic.
  • saudi arabia is the only country in the world where it is illegal for women to drive on public roads.
  • in yemen, although the legal age for marriage is 15, most children are married at the age of 9.


learn something new today??  i did.

oh, and the weather is cooling off.  do you know how great it is to see this on my computer every day??



do you know how nice it is to see this on my computer every day?!

almost too cool for the pool.