warning… the following has nothing to do with our new life in dubai.  

the other night i got all excited because marie antoinette was coming on tv.  i get excited when things that i want to watch come on tv, because it happens very rarely here.  now, i had never seen marie antoinette before, but have wanted to since it came out to theaters, because i LOVE the french revolution!  i don’t care for a lot of history, but i love love love the french revolution for many reasons – marie antoinette is an entertaining person to me, it is a story about a people versus themselves, and it influenced art potentially more than any other single historical event.  so i was VERY disappointed to learn that this movie told NOTHING of the story of the french revolution.  the entire movie was based around the fact that the marriage took years to be consummated, and she needed a male heir. nothing about the french peasants,  nothing about the guillotine, nothing about them DYING – nothing!!  basically, it was a waste of two hours of my afternoon.

yesterday i bought sex and the city from itunes since it just came out, and we watched it last night.  love it.  love it.  love it.  🙂

and i just have to say that this “living situation” thing is not making me very happy.  i need outlets in the bathroom.  i need my things to plug in and not blow a fuse and cause mini-fires on the floor.  i need to hang artwork on the walls with something other than mounting tape, and i NEED to hang curtains in the bedroom.  i don’t know how much longer we can go thinking that every time we change clothes, sleep, or do other private things that one does in one’s bedroom, someone is watching us!  and im tired of having to turn off the lights to change clothes at night!!  I NEED CURTAINS!

that said, we have received our last box of moving things, and after it is put away this afternoon, we will officially be moved in and settled.

also, we have taken our vacation days off for christmas.  we are off december 12 – january 3, so we will have pretty much 3 weeks in savannah.  we might spend a day in atlanta first, though.  and hey, next weekend is a 4-day weekend for us.  yay!!!!

okay, sorry this entry was so boring.  and no pictures.  hopefully it will be better next time. 🙂