so it’s been an entire week since i’ve written anything – sorry.  we’ve been sooooo busy trying to get everything settled with the new “flat”.  i think we might finally be there. we have electricity, water, furniture, internet, television, and a maid!  we’re just waiting for 4 final boxes to arrive, and then we will be finished with moving!  its taken long enough…

it is obnoxious how many things you have to have to get simple things around here… for example, to get internet and tv (same company), we had to show a passport, copy of our visa page, copy of our lease, stamped twice by the real estate company, a letter from our company saying that we work for them, a letter saying our visas were in process, a letter saying how much money we make, and a copy of the company’s trade license…  i literally walked into the mall (yes, you get EVERYTHING from the mall.) with a file folder FULL of papers.  (i had three copies of everything, just in case.)

so after quite a few annoyances, we are finally settled enough that we have time to watch tv or go to the pool today, before we go back to work tomorrow.  we are still getting used to going to work on sundays. 

on thursday, the entire office was “forced” to leave the office at 1 and go bowling.  it was mandatory.  there were people that have never bowled in their entire life!  can you believe that?  they literally did not know how to even roll the ball.  it was quite humorous.  a few people from the atlanta office had just arrived in dubai for a few days, so we bowled with lauren from hba atl, and then went to lunch… at like 5.  we were starving, and couldn’t find food anywhere because of ramadan.  i hate ramadan.  we went home and were going to take a “15 minute nap” before we went to dinner and then to drinks with the atl crew, but our “15 minute nap” turned into 15 hours!  i kid you not!  we went to sleep at 6:30 in the afternoon and woke up at 9:30 in the morning!  it was kinda unbelievable…

so then yesterday we introduced ourselves to “geant”, the equivalent to walmart.  (first we tried carrefour, but believe it or not, i hate carrefour 10 times as much as i hate walmart.)  geant i only hate the same as i hate walmart.  and theres nothing like a target.  😦   so we stocked up on some groceries, etc, and i took a few pictures in the store to post here.  (see below)

after spending most of our day shopping we met up with lauren again for drinks at the buddah bar.  which happens to be a HUGE bar, and quite interestingly designed.  it was nice.  we grabbed a cab home and hit the sack, and awoke this morning to the doorbell… the maid was here!!  

you all have NO IDEA how excited i am to have a maid!  shes coming EVERY SUNDAY.  to clean everything, and iron too!  (no, we’re not rolling in the dough.  she costs equivalent to about 20 bucks a week.)

at the same time that the maid was here, we also had a guy come to fix our electrical problem in the bedroom, and another guy here to install the internet and tv.  and today, there were two maids.  plus me and jonathan.  that equals SIX people in a 700 sf. apartment, all trying to get something accomplished.  it was interesting.  and now, we have everything done! 🙂

so now that ive bored you all to death with every happening of the past three days, ill post some pictures.  there are some of the “hypermarket”, and some of the apartment.  we have a large whole in the living room where we cant afford any more furniture to put in it, and the bedroom is so small that we have jonathan’s wardrobe in the living room.  and theres no plug in the bathroom at all.  so whoever came up with this genius space should be fired.  but it has ac.  and a bed.  so we’ll take it.



the bakery at geant


any spice you can think of… dirt cheap.


the fish counter.  pick a fish.  any fish.


our front door and “office”


our kitchen.  and laundry room.


the living area…


the entertainment area / jonathan’s wardrobe


our ridiculous bathroom with literally NO storage or power outlets,

and the most hideous tile on the face of the planet…


our bedroom, large enough for the bed and a walkway to the other side


kendals wardrobe


balcony view of sheikh zayed road and jlt


balcony view of the marina and jbr