this is just a quick update – i’m about to go pick up the keys to the new pad.  we were supposed to have furniture delivered yesterday, but never got a call and when we called the store ALL DAY no one answered.  so we went there last night, and yada yada yada, they are supposed to call us this morning with the redelivery time, hopefully tonight.  we went to ikea last night and bought some stuff, and need to go back for a dresser and tv cabinet, and after that i think we’re done with furniture.  then we need STORAGE – theres NONE in the bathroom.  i kid you not.  nothing.  the sink is on a counter, and theres NOTHING under the counter.  i’m going to take pictures today when we get there and post them soon.  

btw – we filled up our rental cal yesterday, and for about 11 gallons, we paid 50 DHS.  that’s 13.61, putting gas at $1.23 per gallon.  we’ll take it.  🙂