yesterday was the first day of work, if you can call it that.  really, we just left the hotel by FOOT, (while it was like 95 degrees), walked to work, in which we had to go around construction, which made the trip 3 times as long as it should have been, and by the time we got to the office,  i thought i might die.  we got aquatinted with our desks, and realized that we aren’t going to be able to remember ANYONE’S names because we cant say any of them!!  or maybe we could… if we could see them written, or hear from someone who speaks english…  anyway, we took a taxi to the other office to see it, searched for an apartment, took a taxi back, searched for more apartments, and walked back to the hotel about 3:30… (gotta love ramadan!)

btw… the heat at 3:30 was like none other that i have ever experienced.  it was humid, that didn’t feel like humidity, but rather made the heat RIDICULOUS and made the air so thick you couldn’t breathe.


so our hotel is really nice.  im posting pictures in an album on the photos page – just wait a few hours for them.  we had room service bring dinner last night, and had to turn away the turndown service yesterday afternoon because we were napping.  we have a pretty sweet deal going here.  too bad it can only last 2 weeks.