so i’m sitting  here on the plane, looking out of the window at all of the little iranian towns.  i can see the giant sand mountains, and the little towns in between.  kinda scary, that we’re flying over the entire country of iran, for a total of an hour and a half, but kinda cool that i can officially say that i’ve seen iran!  (in the safest way possible, i hope…)  it just looks so blah – theres nothing but sand.  and sand.  and sand.   with a little larger pile of sand over there.   these poor people probably have NO CLUE what a tree looks like!! 

i fell asleep when we were right over the water right outside of washington dc, woke up in canada, fell back asleep, woke up in england, fell back asleep, woke up in germany, and stayed awake the rest of the trip – through poland, the czech republic, georgia, the ukraine, almost russia, and now iran.  with some other places in between, but i was dosing off and on, so i’m not sure of all of them.  ill look at a map later.  now i feel miserable, because sleeping on a plane makes me feel miserable.  i guess it doesn’t matter HOW big the seat is!  business class is pretty freakin sweet though!   last night for dinner i had a shrimp and avocado appetizer, with a red and yellow tomato, feta cheese, and romaine salad, and a tomato soup, followed by fettucini alfredo with broccoli florets  and dried figs. f that was my ice cream sundae with a pirolene (sp?) cookie.  i’d say it was slightly better than the mystery tin of food you get in coach…

also, we have so much space between seats, that to get to the slippers and toiletry bag that was waiting on the plane for us, i LITERALLY have to get up out of my seat and take a step before i can reach it.   oh, and you know how in coach you are lucky to have a whole window to yourself??  well, i get three.  yes, three WHOLE windows just for me! …so the sleep wasn’t so terrible with the down pillow and comforter and fully adjustable seat… i just can’t sleep on planes.  it just makes me feel miserable!

be right back…. lunch is coming!

it looks like we might be landing about 30 minutes early.  i’m going to have a hard time sleeping when i get to the hotel, cause i just slept about 8 hours (off and on), and its now 5:30 in the afternoon.  when we got on the plane and i turned on the flight tracker screen thingy, (after two episodes of two and a half men and a sex and the city), i was a little… not surprised…. caught off guard, that the screen also rotated in arabic (which i should have figured), but also that the maps were shown in arabic, and that there is a screen that shows which direction mecca is in, so that muslims can pray… also shown in english and arabic.  

we just passed shiraz, iran.  i wonder if that is where shiraz wine is from…  even though I think it is illegal in iran to drink??  if anyone knows, let me know! we are about to cross over the arabian sea from iran to uae in a few minutes, and i’m going to time it, to see how far we really are from iran.

::side note… jonathan is playing video games.  go figure.::

eta is 39 minutes.  we’re about to cross the persian gulf…

more from the hotel. 


this is our map on the plane… in arabic.  btw, we are over iran.


…and this is what iran looks like, for those of you who are wondering….